You need more money is that true?

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Here is a video from Byron Katie discussing our need for money.

Some highlights include:

What happens when you ask yourself you need more money, and you don’t have it?  You feel stressed, fear, frustrated.  Notice how you tense up.

No one has more money than they have.

There are two ways to live your life: 1) Be stressed out or 2) Do not have stress.

You can say…I do not need more money.   Why is this true?  It is because you are living okay right now.

Imagine being evicted and now sitting on your neighbors lawn.  You no longer have a car.  Now, you can ask do you need more money at this moment?  You are still okay sitting on the lawn.  The sky is blue.  You can be grateful that you no longer have to pay the mortgage.  Would you notice the flowers, the sky, the ground around you before?

With or without money, we should be happy and have peace.  Peace does not change whether you have money or not.   What is real?  Katie Byron says that our belief system that we need money is not real.  It is all about our attitudes.

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