Last weekend I attended a conference hosted by People for Education. I loved the message that came out of this conference. While at the conference there was a panel that had one guest speaker from Samara Canada; an independent charitable organization that works to improve citizen engagement with democracy through innovative research and education. The goal is to teach that through politics and the democratic process we can create a voice and make changes for our world. So they go into the schools and share this message.

While I believe in the democratic process I do not believe in our current political system. It is broken. As adults is it not our responsibility to show and demonstrate to our children by walking our talk? Instead our politics is riddled with ego, self-interest, hypocrisy, and worst yet liars. Our politicians from the local level of mayor to the higher levels of the Senate have shown our youth: do as I say not as I do.

It is a travesty because democracy and freedom is a treasure and gift; something we as Canadians should value. So do we really have a voice? Are our politicians truly representing the best interest of the people and more importantly the future of Canada. This can also be said for what is transpiring in the USA.

Before we ask our children to be part of a system to make change, perhaps we need to look at this system and see what is working and relevant for today and what is not.

It is my intention to give our youth the tools that allow them to speak up and out and challenge systems; be the transformational leaders that want to inspire change not just lead to rule; find ways to collaborate and come together and create solutions that make sense and are executable; be the change, walk the walk and talk the talk.

If a child was caught smoking crack in school he or she would immediately be suspended or perhaps even expelled. Its kind of amusing in a pathetic way that the mayor who runs one of the biggest cities in North America can do just that and still have his job. Do we see a problem??

I do not blame kids today for not wanting to vote. They likely feel that this system is a joke. Is there a point?

I hope to change this in the sense of showing them their voice does count and ultimately they are the future leaders.

The best thing we can do right now is begin to identify what is working in politics and what is not and make change for the betterment of the country and world.

We need knew blood and new thought patterns.

It will take time, yet it is a worthy investment.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend. Don’t fret. We are weeding out the ‘crap’ right now around the world. All is good!

All my love,


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2 Responses to “Youth and Politics… as it stands currently the two don’t mix”

  1. Jennifer Ross on November 9th, 2013 8:27 am

    Welcome to the challenge, Sandra!

    You are not alone in this fight, although we certainly need a much larger force. As you say, “I hope to change this in the sense of showing them their voice does count and ultimately they are the future leaders.” That’s exactly where I started, too.

    Sadly, I’ve come to realize that, in many cases, it really doesn’t. Our Westminster system was pretty good but has never not needed reforms, but we have spent about 150 years in slowly removing the checks and balances we started with, even as we added some new ones. We are now worse off than when we started, I think, with regards to accountability, transparency, and responsiveness. We have a lot of problems to fix, and we need every voice to be heard.

    So the first fix needed is to change our electoral system. When you have an electoral system where you come to EXPECT the executive branch to win power with the support of well less than half of the voters, and where the representatives in the representative body do not reflect the viewpoint (the voices) of the electorate, you are already in a losing battle. When you add the fact that the individual representatives, no matter how competent these people are, are actually nothing more than puppets to their party’s Leader’s office–and just this past week we removed one of the few privileges independent MPs had, meaning principled MPs have a tougher time justifying resigning from their caucus in order to properly serve their constituents when toeing the party line is in conflict.

    Lot’s to do, no time to waste as these non-voters will very soon be the majority (and then, we may well have lost democracy) so roll up your sleeves and jump in! Join the political party of your choice, and also, for step one, please join Fair Vote Canada Thanks!

  2. Sandra on November 15th, 2013 12:33 pm

    Jennifer, thank you for taking the time to write.

    I will definitely look into this. I have to say I have spent the last month or so talking to a lot of people who feel the same as us and want to make a change. This feeling was the impetus for writing my book: We’re Not Gonna Take It – a youth’s tool bag of essential life skills for transitioning from high school to post-secondary education to the workplace. If you want to learn more go to my site

    I feel that giving our kids the essential tools and life skills will help create the foundation for finding their voice; learning to speak up and out in a respectful manner. I want to be a guide to our youth to create a bottom up movement so they are NOT the silent voice.

    I am reaching out to various groups and organizations that are youth focused on bringing change: People for Education, The Students Commission, retired guidance counsellors and more.

    Unfortunately as we see the saga unfold with Mayor Ford in Toronto there is a bad taste for youth when it comes to politics. For goodness sakes this man has issues and needs to step down but we do not have a system that forces him and makes him accountable and responsible. He admitted to smoking illegal drugs. I can assure you if that was one of our children the response would have been immediate and severe. If this example is our current mirror to the health of our city and even country we are in trouble.

    I will be reaching out to you separately.

    THanks again.


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